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Calling all control liners!  Streamer Stalkers UK is looking to expand it's content.  Get your views, reports, articles, photos etc published!  Just send me them by e-mail!

Launched, 13 May 2003

Updated, 17 June 2009


Site News,

New Version of SSIC launched 12th June 2009!  It has an On-line LeaderBoard.  Read about it and download here!

Also added the Control Line Speed Calculator!

About Streamer Stalkers UK and the webmaster,

My main control line interests are carrier deck and F2D combat, and so these will form the basis of this site, but if you have anything you would like to add, which is relevant to control line, send me it and I'll put it on here!  The site is currently receiving a couple of thousand visits each month (and growing), so there is definitely an audience out there!

If you're new to control line, I've included a little section to try and explain the basics.  Find it here.

This site is also the home to the only selection of control line games on the net.  Find them here!

Any comments or suggestions are welcome, cheers,

 Johnathon Crabtree


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