BMFA Dinner Dance 2003

Here are a few photo's from the BMFA dinner dance 2003.  The control liners were there in good numbers (and they made sure everyone knew it...).  The pictures aren't too good, but never mind.  Mick Tiernan received a very nice trophy for winning F2E at the 2003 British Nats.  The British speed team (Ken Morrisey, Gordon Isles, Peter Halman, and Matthew Hart) were congratulated for their gold team prize at the 2003 Euro Champs.  Ken Morrisey also received an obscene amount of other trophies for his many achievements, and Peter Halman was made a fellow of the BMFA.  Your webmaster also received a nice trophy for junior achievement, called the Henry J Award.  There were of course many other awards, too numerous to mention.  Use the arrows below to scroll through the pictures, and click to enlarge.


Webmaster and Mick Tiernan with their silverware.


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This article was first published:  15/01/2004

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