Photo's from the Control Line European Championships in Rouille, France.  12-18 July 2003.

All pictures taken by Nigel Crabtree.  Use the arrows below to scroll through the pictures, and click to enlarge.

Where one retires to after the Euro Champs!

F2D combat winners (L-R): Boris Faizov (RUS), Andrius Rastenis (LTU), Stanislav Culachinin (MDA).

F2D combat junior winners (L-R): Alexandre Shalaev (RUS), Cesar Picado (ESP), and me (GBR!). No, I didn't win, I'm just vertically gifted!

A patriotic moment!

Matthew Hart won junior F2A speed gold.

Pete Grange about to launch Mike "Wacker" Whillance's spare model.

"Reach up for the stars!"

5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

Dave Riley and Graham Ives at the start of a a bout.

Pete Grange launches.

That's me (red), mixing it up!

Combat action! One of those models belongs to Mervyn Jones.

Mervyn Jones at the start of a bout.

Webmaster in the pits.

Good action shot of pilots and models.

Have you seen this man?

Wacker recovers his model after a nasty tangle. Or, perhaps he is performing some kind of ceremonial dance.

Good stance, legs shoulder width apart for stability...... Yeah, whatever.

John James giving sound advice.

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This article was first published:  29/07/2003

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