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Welcome to the control line games index. There are 3 different games you can download and play on your computer, each as fun, easy and immersive as Party Poker or Halo: Reach. Streamer Stalkers, International Combat is an attempt to recreate control line combat. It's not a simulation, because it isn't realistic enough, but it's as close as you'll get. Streamer Stalkers, The Game was my first attempt at the same idea. I made it a few years ago (and it shows), but it's quite fun! The Control Line Games Compendium is actually a compilation of 4 control line mini games. Click on a link below to go to the download pages. In order to play these games you may need to download and install the Vitalize plug-in. Click the link below to do this.


Games to download

Streamer Stalkers, International Combat

Control Line Games Compendium


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Streamer Stalkers, International Combat LeaderBoard


Old Games to download

Streamer Stalkers, the game



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