The future lies in Australia

I recently (January 2004) received an e-mail from Neil Holden of Australia.  Here are a few extracts from it.  The picture is of his current design model, but read on to find out what future models could be like!  Carbon fibre galore!

Extracts of an e-mail from Neil Holden (3/1/2004),

For myself, I'm getting a bit old to fly myself these day but my son has just taken it up, but I'll still give it a go with the younger ones. (Sometimes I actually win!)

I'm also using the FORA engines & just finished wrecking a plane similar to the Armageddon. You wouldn't know the wingspan of this model? (Please e-mail webmaster if you know).

I've encouraged around 4 persons into the sport over the last 6 months & hopefully the interest will spread. Last Combat day, there were 8 people registered, but at the next local event in March, we expect quite a number of new pilots. (You should come over).

We now have our own CF props. If the model is below 230G (Without motor), they really kick in & get up to around 2.3 sec a lap. If you send me your address, I'll send you one for doing such a good web page. You'll have to finish it but that's part of the fun. They are very light & very brittle, but the Fora love's em.

I've attached a pic of the plane we are about to go into production with. I live next to a retirement village & a few of the boys in there want to build & sell 'em. It's not the money, it just gives them something to do. I also have a sponsor & agent to sell them through. (It's on the plane).. We are about to start experimenting using a new Carbon Fibre type of foam the agent is bringing in. Lined up with some simple CF technology & a bit of Kevlar here & there, they should be fairly indestructible. I'm sure other people have tried this but I specialise in CF products. When we have these operational, then we will be marketing these. Keep an eye out over the next few years.

Keep writing...


AUSTRALIA (No, Not Austria)....

Well, it looks like they've got it sorted down under.  Sponsors, carbon fibre, agents, new pilots.  The list goes on.  I say, good for them, perhaps we should all take a leaf out of the Australians book and get sorted out like that!  Thanks to Neil, I think e-mails like this make really interesting reading for everyone.  Get in touch, and tell the world how your getting on!

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This article was first published:  15/01/2004

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