Streamer Stalkers, International Combat (SSIC)

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SSic is the latest Streamer Stalkers game.  You can read about it below, and download it at the bottom of the page.  The game is a light hearted simulation of control line combat.  As in real life, you have to try and cut your opponents streamer with your model, whilst trying to defend your own streamer from attack.

Update history (current version is 1.4)

Please note:  Only the current version is available on this site, but older versions may be made available upon request.

Version 1.4 (14/06/2009):  Known as the LeaderBoard edition, this really is the most comprehensive overhaul.  The LeaderBoard feature allows you to post your total score after completing the International Combat Cup to the on-line LeaderBoard!  The engine start feature has changed to make it a bit more fun.  The points system has also changed.  The new modified engine start allows you to get bonus points for a first flick start.  Bonus points are awarded for whack attacks, and air time points are now worth 5 per second as opposed to just 1!  The game now has display options which you can choose when you start.  This will let you play the game full screen (almost full screen on widescreen monitors).  You can also adjust the screen resolution in game, and it will revert to your original settings when you exit.  You can now press P on your keyboard to pause the game at any time.  There have also been some minor graphical changes/improvements.  You must have certain things installed on your computer for V1.4, please see the "How to download and run the game" section below.

Version 1.3 (10/05/2007):  SSic has been updated to version 1.3.  This is probably the most comprehensive update yet.  SSic now has 2 easier "classes" of combat to fly, as many said the game is just too hard.  A Whack Attack feature has been added as well, just clip your opponents tail and send them heading for terra firma.  There are also some minor graphical improvements like crash debris.  2 new multiplayer modes have been added, as well as a demo version of Carrier Combat.

Version 1.2 (15/1/2004): SSic has been updated to version 1.2.  You can now use a joystick with the game, but be warned, it is very hard to use.  There are some new graphics and sounds (including an impersonation of a combat engine by myself!).  There is also a new wind feature, which affects how the streamer flies behind the model.  There are also some slight changes to the opponent AI.  You can now also customise the keyboard controls.

Version 1.1 (16/9/2003): SSic has been updated to version 1.1.  The 2 player mode is now available.  The CD player has been removed, as I believe this may have been the cause of slow down on some computers.  The coding of the game is now more efficient, and so it should play that little bit smoother (theoretically!)  To download it, just follow the normal procedure, which can be found further down this page.

Version 1.0 (1/9/2003):  Original SSic published.

Help me to improve the game

If you find any bugs, or can't even get the game to work, please e-mail me.  Suggestions of any kind are very welcome!

Screenshot (Version 1.4)


Screenshot (Version 1.3)


Screenshot (Version 1.2)


Screenshot (Version 1.0)

Main features of the game


How to download and install the game

Version 1.4 has been tested on Windows XP and Vista.  Technically it should work on all variants of Windows, from 98 to Vista (and even Win '95 if you install Windows Script Host), but it has not been tested.  You must have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed on your PC for the LeaderBoard feature to work.  It does not need to be your default browser, but it should exist on your PC.  For Version 1.4 to work correctly, you must install it in the default directory (c:\ssiclb).  You will also need administrative privileges on your PC to install and run Version 1.4.

All versions prior to 1.4 have been tested with Windows 95, right through to Vista.  Older versions of SSic will be made available upon request.

If you  are ready to download, do the following:

Click on the download link at the bottom of this page.  Click save, and choose an appropriate place on your hard drive to save the game to.  I suggest program files.  When the download is complete, you can install the program by double clicking the install icon in Program Files.  Then, just follow a few simple steps in the install program and that's it!

If you have any trouble running the game, see the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page, or send me an e-mail and I may be able to help.  I will try to reply fairly rapidly.  I can only solve problems and improve the quality of the game and future versions if I get feedback.  If you don't tell me about any problems, I can't fix them, simple!


Technical details


Download SSIC, LeaderBoard Edition (V1.4)


Hints and tips

If you get fed up of the game music here is a simple trick.  Before you play SSic, put your favorite CD into your computer.  Get it playing in something like Windows Media Player.  Then start SSic.  Now press F8 to open the options menu, and turn the game music off.  Oh, and if you get fed up of the other silly sounds, turn off the "samples" option.


This section will be updated if more problems come to light.

If you experience slow down during play, close any other programs you are running, and turn the CD player off (CD player is only featured in Version 1.0).

Problems not covered here? E-mail me!

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This article was first published:  30/07/2003

This article was last updated:  12/06/2009

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