Update history



06 October 2010:  Loet Wakkermans' site is available again.  Link has been re-added to the Links page.



17 September 2009:  Control Line UK removed from links page, site no longer available.  Loet Wakkerman's site removed from links page, site no longer available.


17 June 2009:  Added the Control Line Speed Calculator.  You can access this from the navigation menu also.

12 June 2009:  Launched SSIC V1.4 (LeaderBoard edition).  The website menu bar now loads HTML buttons instead of Java as default.  This should be quicker to load and also avoid problems with non Java enabled browsers.  Links on link page now open in new window.


07 April 2009: Added PS3 online ID to home page.



22 September 2008: Added Part 3 of my Spearfish Basic Carrier Model build.  Find it here.

22 September 2008: Added Part 1 and 2 of 3 about building my Spearfish Basic Carrier Deck Model.  Find them here.


23 May 2008:  Added HTML link bar to all pages, for those who have browsers that don't support frames and or Java.  This is at the bottom of all pages.


06 April 2008:  Links updated.


27 March 2008:  Site search function moved onto the home page instead of the navigation bar.

25 March 2008:  Updated the Viko page, and added a new photo gallery, with pictures from Barton.  Most pages also now have first published and last updated date at the bottom of the page.

21 March 2008:  Launched SSUK at our new address, www.flycl.co.uk.  The re-launch includes a total "re-branding" and redesign of the website, to bring things a little more up to date.  The old website will not be updated, so please change your bookmarks/favourites.  Added a link to ccleaner, an excellent freeware PC optimisation tool.  Interactive events page added, amongst numerous other tweaks and changes.  The original Streamer Stalkers game is available for download again.

19 March 2008:  Added an article on Viko combat models.  The original Streamer Stalkers game is no longer available due to lack of web space, will hopefully fix soon.  SSic, the most up to date is unaffected and available for download.  The Control Line Games Compendium is also unaffected.



18 June 2007: Added article on easy DIY handles.


13 May 2007: Online games no longer available, replaced with The Control Line Games Compendium.  Site tidied up.  More obsolete and useless pages removed.  Updated trimming models page.  Updated equipment page.  New links.  Profi page updated.  What is control line page updated.  Added pictures to competitions page and carrier page.

10 May 2007: SSic updated to version 1.3.  E-mail address updated.  Added links.  Fixed/Removed broken links.  Finally added pictures from the 2004 world champs.  Obsolete pages removed.  Added My New Pit Box article.



05 October 2004: Updated contest dates.

03 October 2004: Added a couple of pictures of the new Profi F2D engine.  Added a couple of fun games.


05 February 2004: Added some pictures from the 2002 World Champs.  Find them here.

03 February 2004: Added some pictures from the 2000 World Champs.  Find them here.

02 February 2004: Added a collection of carrier pictures.  Find them here.  New wallpaper added.


15 January 2004: SSic updated to version 1.2.  Slight update made to What is control line?  "My combat" section changed to "combat" section.  Includes an e-mail from Neil Holden of Australia.  Added the 2004 C/L World Champs web site to the links page.  Added some photographs from the 2003 BMFA dinner dance.



17 December 2003: Added some wallpapers and some links to some useful sites (non control line).


19 November 2003: Added a small selection of photographs from the 2003 season.


03 October 2003: The Control Line Flying Circus published.  Stunter GT published. Some new links added.


16 September 2003: SSic updated to version 1.1, download it here.

11 September 2003: Added Hit the deck to the list of control line games!  Control line games page reorganised.

09 September 2003: Home page tidied up a wee bit.  Poll removed from SSic page.

07 September 2003: Added Stunter to the list of control line games.

02 September 2003: Added a guest book.  Find it on the home page, under hot links.  Added poll to SSic page.

01 September 2003: Streamer Stalkers, international combat released!


28 August 2003: New link added: Cesar Picado - Spanish F2D.  No longer on-line (11/5/07).

20 August 2003: SSic page updated.  Minor updates to "My combat" section.

17 August 2003: Fix for Streamer Stalkers: The Game added.  See "Streamer Stalkers: The Game."

06 August 2003: Streamer Stalkers, international combat page updated.  Photo page added.


30 July 2003: Added a sneak preview of Streamer Stalkers. international combat.

29 July 2003: Site overhaul.  Too many things too list.

28 July 2003: Updates page added!

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